Saturday, 30 November 2013

Naaaaahh ;)

    I was doing my usual activity that night - reading adventurous story and I was all forlorn in my vast bedroom. My parents went to my uncle's house that took almost an hour and a half to arrive. It was an ordinary chilly night like other night until suddenly the book that I read emitted a very bright, saffron light. In a blink of an eye, I saw another vista.

     "Oh, no! What's happening?!" I asked myself.

     My bedroom had changed! From the sky blue wall into a green, tall trees. From the white ceiling, into a very dark region of a comulunimbus clouds. No twinkling stars, only some light from the full moon that shone. I was flummoxed. I stood up and walked slowly into this immense forest. I did not know how huge it was and the aim I walked, letting my feet to carry my heavy body. Out of the blue, the hailstone fell. I ran to find a shelter and saw a dilapidated hut. I quickly walked towards it and fell into a deep slumber.

     The morning rays penetrated through the canopy of leaves straight to my brown, sparkles eyes. The vast expanse of blue sky was dotted with magnolia white clouds forcing me to open my eyes. Yawned and stretched my arms and feet muscle until a voice touched my ears.

     "Morning young boy! Had a sweet dream last night?"

     "Huh?" I had butterflies in my stomach. It flew to every inch of my stomach. All sorts of terrible thoughts came up to torment me. Struck with fear at the horrible sight, I eschewed from him.

     "Who...who are you?" My voice faltered. My heartbeat pounded wildly quickened with the pace of my footsteps. The adrenaline that passed through my body was now unbearable.

     "Me? I am a dweller of this forest. Nicely named Chappelin. What about you? And..please don't be scared.  I'm a human just like you." The man replied and grinned. His eyes lit up and he looked radiant.

     "Oh, what a relief! So, can you help me to go back to my mansion? I am lost! By the way, I am Mark." The muscle on my cheeks contracted causing my lips to smile gleefully. I felt as if a huge weight being lifted off my shoulder.

     Chappelin neglected and pursued doing the job which was postponed - served his breakfast with two big caterpillars that were squeezed into two green leaves and ate it just like swallowing a sandwich. Yucks! Then, the caterpillars' goo oozed from his broad mouth. He stood up and stared at me. He asked me to walk with him to get some water at the nearby river. I hauled my heavy legs towards him and followed him. After a five minutes' walk, I saw a very high waterfall and the water was crystal clear. Not wasting any time, I drank as much as I could to quench my thirst. Chappelin also helped me to get some fish as he knew that I would never eat the same breakfast as him as I was famished.


     Unfortunately, came a black-white stripes tiger. The tiger looked at me in glaring colours. I had the feeling that my knees could no longer hold the weight of my body. Adrenaline surged through the veins to all parts of the body. My palms were sweaty and cold sweat was trickling down my forehead. I became panic-stricken. What should I do? Questions kept running in my cerebrum. The last thing I saw before every thing became dark was Chappelin dashed towards the tiger and he was holding a dagger to murder the tiger in villain.

     I did not know how long I fainted. Dizzy - my life was like slipping away. I fell to another place. Oh, no! What else this time. I made up my mind to just stay here, waiting for anybody who could bring me to my home. Suddenly, I felt the world was trembling, turning my spinal chord malfunctioned. I looked up and saw a colossal stomping towards me. My legs quivered in fear and my mouth grew dry. I had to bite my tongue to stifle a scream.

     "Ouhh.. I can smell human. Where is that tin creature?" I heard the monstrous ogre monologued.

     I hid behind a big rock and I did not realize that the ogre went back to its place to call upon his colony. At bristle, they encircled me also with some dwarfs. They tried to catch me. I quickly walked into a nearest hole under the rocks. I was not willing to take a look longer at those ogre. Their faces were very gruesome! In the meantime, I plucked dose of venturesome to put on my thinking cap on how to escape from all this disaster! My body had ran cold and sweat trickled off my eyelashes. My throat was parched and it became hard to breathe.

     "Oh, God! Please...I beg You! Gimme some ideas on how I would escape from all this!" I lamented.

     The giants kept trying to catch me vehemently. Luckily, there was a murky, silty river in the hole that I hid. In a split second, I dived into the river and held my breath. I could see they were pulling their socks up to the limit to get me. I did not know how long I could stand diving in this river. The oxygen in my lung was almost gone. No, I had to stay still. Died at this moment is not my destiny. I wanted to stay alive, abandoning my parents were totally absurd! Yes, I had to stay.

     Almost seven minutes waiting in the water, they started to give up. They went away and lastly I could get up. Phuh, praise to God! I sat tiredly on a stone and mourned for this unfortunate journey. Loneliness, rage and bitterness filled my mind. A giant lump shot into my throat and tears crept in my eyes.

     "Mark.. Mark.. Wake up!"

     A familiar voice caught my ears. It was the sensation of birds chirping. I opened my eyes. Every single view was seen to be in tranquility until I heard my beloved mother babbling at me as I woke up late. I was on cloud nine because all the sad journey that I had gone through was just a nightmarish affair. Yeay!

Huuuuu. Letihh den menaip panjang2. Last2 siap jugak.. Ini sebenarnye, Fami punye preparation essay untuk SPM 2013. Heeee, kbyee.

Love, Famiiiii <3!

Friday, 29 November 2013


Assalamualaikum semuaaa. Hai duniaaa. Hey peeps!

Could say nothing.. Just,


Jyeaah! Last paper was on 27th on November 2013 sharply at 3.30pm. It ended with Biology paper 3.

Just sooooo happy! For those who are still struggling, all the best. Saatsaat terakhir ni, biase nye mudah leka. Harapharap, kawankawan Fami di SMACH yang ade duaa subjek lagi tuh, sabaaar. ( Including awakk jugak ) Heee.

Do not be jealous. It doesn't change anything. Kbyeeee.

Salam sayang ,
Famiiii <3!