Tuesday, 3 December 2013

US....anokanok Umi & Aboh ;)

Assalamualaikum duniaaa. Very good morning. Chilly.

Haaaa, today gonna type out all about anokanok umi and aboh.

Which are taklain takbukan, adik beradik Fami :)

Okay. Like other people. Kami dilahirkan dengan keistimewaan, kelebihan, kekurangan dan kelemahan masingmasing. Orang lain pun macam tuh jugak. There's nobody perfect. kalau ade yang perfect pun, itu tak real. Kan?

Hmm, mestilah dalam any family akan berlaku variation kan? Sebab, mase crossing over berlaku time prophase 1, tak semua orang dapat genetic yang sama. Dengan random fertilisation nye. Exchange of genetic material bagai lah. Dapat lah kami enam beradik dikeluarkan setelah 9bulan 10hari dalam kantung rahim ibunda tercinta.

Sekarang, alhamdulillah. Anokanok umi dan aboh ni, besorbesor doh. Paling kecik pung, tingkatan duaa doh. Hok tuu hok youngest. Studies at Sekolah Menengah Sains Hulu Terengganu. Tempat di mane bekas tinggalan reban ayam sewaktu Aboh bekerja di Kuala Berang dahulu. And, she is just like me. Main hoki jugak. Tapi, dia punye keyakinan diri lagi tinggi kot. She did take part dalam acara berbalas pantun, debat and so on yang sewaktu dengan nye. Also, dia jadik Pembimbing Rakan Sebaya next year.

Haaa, then I have a younger brother. Beza umur kami setahun tujuh bulan. Paling rapaaaaat! Apa yang paling Fami ingat pasal dia ialah, dia cakap, "Orang lain masuk sekolah menengah dengan pelbagai sijil. Aku masuk sekolah menengah dengan sijil cuti sakit je." Haha. Tapitapi, tengoklah pencapaian nye sekarang make my parents proud of him much! Dia jadi KETUA PELAJAR untuk sesi 2014. Woahh. Being a prefect since 2012.

Lepas tuu, I have two elder sisters. Yang sulung, dan yang ketiga. Okayh. Hmm, yang sulung now ade dekat Nottingham. Aboh and umi are very proud of her lah. Suri teladan yang sangat baik kepada adikadik. Ambik course medic and now successfully a doctor! Tapi, dia keje kat sane. Dia kate, paling lame pun dua tahun je dia akan keje kat sane. Then baru balik Malaysia. Nak cari pengalaman kate nye lagi. Huuu. A bit of jealousy. Tapi, yang best nye, every time she got back home, Fami and adik beradik akan dapat banyak chocolate. Yeahh. Dia budak MRSM Pendang then form 4 and form 5 di MARA PC. Kalau taksilap, my sister pun pernah jadik pengawas.

The third one tuuh, sentiasa menjadi kebanggaan dalam bidang akademik! Mase UPSR, she got no 12 dalam Malaysia dan sekaligus melayakkan diri ke Sekolah Seri Puteri. Dekat sane pun, memang dia duduk top ten je lah. Hishh, jealous! Dalam SPM pun, dia score 8A+ 1A. Huh! Sekarang nih dia ade kat rumah. Cutii. Belajar di Sunway College. Kakak Fami yang nih, dari kecik sampai besar, jadik librarian je.

My big brother. Dah jadiik engineer dah. Alhamdulillah, rezeki dan berkat doa kedua ibu bapa kamii. Sebelum grad lagi, keje dah menunggu. Best nye. Aboh kate, kalu semua anok aboh macam ni, Alhamdulillah. Abang pulak bekas budak MRSM Kuala Berang. Pernah jadik biro disiplin. Mungkin sebab tuh laa kot abang Fami nih garang duluu. Heee, Fami doakan abang Fami stay together with Kak Wydaa :')

Lastly, it is me. Anak keempat daripada enam beradik. Tak begitu menonjol dalam akademik tetapi dalam kokurikulum, Fami buat umi dan aboh bangge :) Aboh and umi support me in every single thing. And, Alhamdulillah again. Rezeki Allah. Berjaya melayakkan diri ke Sekolah Menengah Sains Machang walaupun pada ambilan kedua. Dan jugak, diri ini telah terpilih menjadi prefect serta menjadi penolong ketua rumah kuning. Kalau dalam kokurikulum, Alhamdulillah telah mendapat peluang menyertai dan berada di Sukan Malaysia ke - 15.

Paling last, Fami sangat bersyukur dilahirkan dalam keluarga ini. Sangat menyayangi umi dan aboh! Sangat menyayangi adik beradik Fami. They are awesome!

Setakat itu saje lah dulu.


*Anok Cik Wei ngan Kak Joh*

:) <3!

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Naaaaahh ;)

    I was doing my usual activity that night - reading adventurous story and I was all forlorn in my vast bedroom. My parents went to my uncle's house that took almost an hour and a half to arrive. It was an ordinary chilly night like other night until suddenly the book that I read emitted a very bright, saffron light. In a blink of an eye, I saw another vista.

     "Oh, no! What's happening?!" I asked myself.

     My bedroom had changed! From the sky blue wall into a green, tall trees. From the white ceiling, into a very dark region of a comulunimbus clouds. No twinkling stars, only some light from the full moon that shone. I was flummoxed. I stood up and walked slowly into this immense forest. I did not know how huge it was and the aim I walked, letting my feet to carry my heavy body. Out of the blue, the hailstone fell. I ran to find a shelter and saw a dilapidated hut. I quickly walked towards it and fell into a deep slumber.

     The morning rays penetrated through the canopy of leaves straight to my brown, sparkles eyes. The vast expanse of blue sky was dotted with magnolia white clouds forcing me to open my eyes. Yawned and stretched my arms and feet muscle until a voice touched my ears.

     "Morning young boy! Had a sweet dream last night?"

     "Huh?" I had butterflies in my stomach. It flew to every inch of my stomach. All sorts of terrible thoughts came up to torment me. Struck with fear at the horrible sight, I eschewed from him.

     "Who...who are you?" My voice faltered. My heartbeat pounded wildly quickened with the pace of my footsteps. The adrenaline that passed through my body was now unbearable.

     "Me? I am a dweller of this forest. Nicely named Chappelin. What about you? And..please don't be scared.  I'm a human just like you." The man replied and grinned. His eyes lit up and he looked radiant.

     "Oh, what a relief! So, can you help me to go back to my mansion? I am lost! By the way, I am Mark." The muscle on my cheeks contracted causing my lips to smile gleefully. I felt as if a huge weight being lifted off my shoulder.

     Chappelin neglected and pursued doing the job which was postponed - served his breakfast with two big caterpillars that were squeezed into two green leaves and ate it just like swallowing a sandwich. Yucks! Then, the caterpillars' goo oozed from his broad mouth. He stood up and stared at me. He asked me to walk with him to get some water at the nearby river. I hauled my heavy legs towards him and followed him. After a five minutes' walk, I saw a very high waterfall and the water was crystal clear. Not wasting any time, I drank as much as I could to quench my thirst. Chappelin also helped me to get some fish as he knew that I would never eat the same breakfast as him as I was famished.


     Unfortunately, came a black-white stripes tiger. The tiger looked at me in glaring colours. I had the feeling that my knees could no longer hold the weight of my body. Adrenaline surged through the veins to all parts of the body. My palms were sweaty and cold sweat was trickling down my forehead. I became panic-stricken. What should I do? Questions kept running in my cerebrum. The last thing I saw before every thing became dark was Chappelin dashed towards the tiger and he was holding a dagger to murder the tiger in villain.

     I did not know how long I fainted. Dizzy - my life was like slipping away. I fell to another place. Oh, no! What else this time. I made up my mind to just stay here, waiting for anybody who could bring me to my home. Suddenly, I felt the world was trembling, turning my spinal chord malfunctioned. I looked up and saw a colossal stomping towards me. My legs quivered in fear and my mouth grew dry. I had to bite my tongue to stifle a scream.

     "Ouhh.. I can smell human. Where is that tin creature?" I heard the monstrous ogre monologued.

     I hid behind a big rock and I did not realize that the ogre went back to its place to call upon his colony. At bristle, they encircled me also with some dwarfs. They tried to catch me. I quickly walked into a nearest hole under the rocks. I was not willing to take a look longer at those ogre. Their faces were very gruesome! In the meantime, I plucked dose of venturesome to put on my thinking cap on how to escape from all this disaster! My body had ran cold and sweat trickled off my eyelashes. My throat was parched and it became hard to breathe.

     "Oh, God! Please...I beg You! Gimme some ideas on how I would escape from all this!" I lamented.

     The giants kept trying to catch me vehemently. Luckily, there was a murky, silty river in the hole that I hid. In a split second, I dived into the river and held my breath. I could see they were pulling their socks up to the limit to get me. I did not know how long I could stand diving in this river. The oxygen in my lung was almost gone. No, I had to stay still. Died at this moment is not my destiny. I wanted to stay alive, abandoning my parents were totally absurd! Yes, I had to stay.

     Almost seven minutes waiting in the water, they started to give up. They went away and lastly I could get up. Phuh, praise to God! I sat tiredly on a stone and mourned for this unfortunate journey. Loneliness, rage and bitterness filled my mind. A giant lump shot into my throat and tears crept in my eyes.

     "Mark.. Mark.. Wake up!"

     A familiar voice caught my ears. It was the sensation of birds chirping. I opened my eyes. Every single view was seen to be in tranquility until I heard my beloved mother babbling at me as I woke up late. I was on cloud nine because all the sad journey that I had gone through was just a nightmarish affair. Yeay!

Huuuuu. Letihh den menaip panjang2. Last2 siap jugak.. Ini sebenarnye, Fami punye preparation essay untuk SPM 2013. Heeee, kbyee.

Love, Famiiiii <3!

Friday, 29 November 2013


Assalamualaikum semuaaa. Hai duniaaa. Hey peeps!

Could say nothing.. Just,


Jyeaah! Last paper was on 27th on November 2013 sharply at 3.30pm. It ended with Biology paper 3.

Just sooooo happy! For those who are still struggling, all the best. Saatsaat terakhir ni, biase nye mudah leka. Harapharap, kawankawan Fami di SMACH yang ade duaa subjek lagi tuh, sabaaar. ( Including awakk jugak ) Heee.

Do not be jealous. It doesn't change anything. Kbyeeee.

Salam sayang ,
Famiiii <3!

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Betul ke dah nak trial?

Assalamualaikum Duniaaa :)

Hai. Hari ni dah pagi Jumaat. Esok? Esok dah hari Sabtu lah kan makna nye. Kalo hari Sabtu, maksudnye ape pulak yee? Hmm, cuba peeps sekalian fikir. Fami blurr -.-'

Oke dah, dah. Jangan kusutkan fikiran korang pulak. Fami kan budak sebelah pantai timur nih. Kalo dah tibe hari Sabtu, makne nye hari kena pegi asrama laah. Err, What?!! ASRAMA!!

Ha'ah, asmara. Eh,eh silap! Ampun, ampun. Asrama lahh.

Okeh. Masuk asrama. Then?

*orang yang masih kurang kesedaran diri, macam ni lah*

Eh, wait! Fami, tak sedar lagi ke?! Masuk asrama, makne nye TRIAL dah dekat gegilaa.

Trial je pun. Err, WHAT Fami?!! Trial je pun? Heii, ape nak jadik nih, Fami? Tak sedar ke trial tuh pun penting lah. Untuk scholarship biase nye dia akan tengok result trial.

Ouh, What?! Oops, then Fami? What have you done to score for your trial? Dah habeh dah ke revision?

OMG! Ape yang aku buat sepanjang cuti raye ni pun aku taktahu. Bukak buku kejap, bukak komputer? MasyaAllah, lame nyeeee. Ish3, ape nak jadik ye ngan kau nih Fami? Macam sekarang ni lah. Ish, pemalas!

Heii, perasaan Fami masih takdapat nak terima yang trial dah dekat gegilaa. Rase macam maseh budakbudak. Siyezly! Sebab dua tiga hari nih asek main game je dekat fesbuk. Huhh! Ape macam nie? Fami rase budak yang selalu score pun mesti tengah study gegila. Fami yang takberape ni asek duk ngadap komp jep. Agak2, macam mane ye result nanti? Nak dapat yang lebih baik. Tapii, tengok daripada cara yang asek duk main game nih, macam ________. Taktahu perkataan yang sesuai. Tapi, takpe, maseh ade mase dua tiga hari lagi sebelum trial nih.

Target Fami untuk trial nih, hmm hope dapat better daripada mid year je lah senang nak cakap. Takperlu susahsusah. As long as Fami can beat Faiz bin Mohd Noor Aimi. Wont allow him to be above me. And beberapa orang lagi pesaing dalam kelas. Hope diorang pun takstudy macam Fami. HAHA. Gile kejam!

Takpatut langsung doakan kawankawan macam tuh. Ishh, tapi.. Ape yang Fami nak sangat sekarang ni ialah, untuk score Mathematics, Additional Mathematics and Physics. Nak A+ yang tuh. BM, BI, KM, PAI and SEJ dapat A. And Fami target Biology B+. Huhu. Dapat ke tak ye agak2? Memang takdapt lah kalo asek duk ngadap komp 24 jam je. Kan? Aigaaa.

Haaa, sudohsudoh. Hmm, sempat lagi nih kalo buat revision sikiit2. Kan?

Soo, enough here I guess. Nanti semakin lame, semakin best pulak merapu meraban nih. Kan? Oke lah. Dah nak buat simpulan tali nih. So here I would like to wish :

To every one who gonna take SPM this year. Good Luck For The Trial and Of Course For The Real SPM in November.

You pray for me, I'll pray for you back.

InsyAllah, dengan usaha yang takpernah henti, ALLAH akan tolong kitaa semuaaaa.

Goodbye for now. Coming soon later!



Tuesday, 13 August 2013


Assalamualaikum. Hai guys! Whatcha doin'?

Mesti lah tengah online kan? Kalu tak online takkan korang boleh baca Fami punyer entri nih kan? Haha. Buat lawak sendiri. Haaa, takde lah. I'm just bored. Study? Ahha, study komputer dulu. Ntah bile nak study buku pulak.

Okey. So here today, I'm gonna write about someone. Fami rase Fami dah pernah tulis pasal dia kat blog nih. Korang cari sendiri je lah yee? Heee, malas nak jenguk entry yang dah berhabuk tuuuh. Huhu. Eh, Cup! Fami tak mention pun kan lagi sape yang Fami nak bagitahu nih, so macam mane korang nak tahu, ye dak? Ish3, masalah sungguh dengan penulis nih pung. Haiyaaa. #Gaye macam Fami pernah tulis pasal ramai orang je kat blog yang dah quite brhabuk nih. Huhh!

Hmm, how's to start it? Just let begin. Err, wait! Mcam mane eh?

Dua hari yang lepas...

Ape yang kami tahu, Gaduh! Gaduh! Dan Gaduh saje!
Ouhhh. Sangat menyakitkann. Taktipuuu. Dia tuh tetiba jeh buat perangai. Ape pasal? Berasap jugak kita nih. Tapi last2 dia hantar mesej. Berbunyiii ( mesej pun boleh bersuara? chitt! )

Eh, alaa. Sory menghampakan korang. No more in my inbox. Dah terdelete kot. Takpe2. Teruskan bercerita. Sebenarnye, kami taktahu pun punca asal pergaduhan kami nih. Seriously taktahuu. Ulangan, taktahu. Tetibe jeh. Aishh, menyakitkan hati betul tahu tak?

Then2, petang kelmarin, sampai mesej nih :

"awk.. i'm the one that guilty, not you.. sorry 4 all mstakes, someone has his own weakness,, btw,you r good enough 4 me,, you juz hve to be better n i'll be crazy of you.. be an awesome mslimah 4 our religion,good dghter to your parents,n insyaallah be a loyal wife of mine.. Allah s.w.t will LOVE you.. smile my dear, don't let any teardrops fall again unless it is too valuable.. Done your priority first.. ('="

And, and Fami? Of course lah terharu giler mase dapat text nih. Gile2 terharu kayh B) Tapitapitapi! Lepas tuh gaduh balik. Tak hengat sebab ape. For sure, it is really agonising.

Tapi, sekarang kami dah okayy. Okay!

Before nak okay tuh pun, teruk lagi kot. And satu fakta baru diketahui. Dia takboleh terima kalo girls marah dia. Err, dah tu Fami nak marah sape kalu gaduh ngan dia? Takkan nak gi baling kambing? ( ade kaitan ke kambing ngan kisah kami? *abaikan ) Hohoi , gilaaa!


By the way, this is his picture with his sister. Sory, curi pic ni kak iena.

Gambar raye.

Okay? Ade takpuah hati kah? 

Jangan kacauu dia kay. Yang lelaki tuhh. Anda kenal siapa dia?

Di sekolah, dikenali dengan name FAEIYS RIMAUU. 

So, ade berani kacau dia? Rimau kot tuh.. Auuum~ :)

Haha. Sory Faeiys, ngate kat awak sikett. Siket je. 

That's all from me.

Take great care ye korang. And, and.. Not to forget! 


Trial next week. Meaning to say SPM pun dah hampir!!

Kbyee~ Assalamualaikum. <3


Saturday, 3 August 2013

Saje nak berceritaaa..

Assalamualaikum. Hai every one!

Long time no see y'all. Too much busy. Okay, cakap berbelit. Takk, sebenarnye Fami nak cakap dah lame tak menaip kat sini. Tersangat lah sibuk dekat sekolah terchentaa tuh. Berchentaa dengan bukuuu. SPM dah makin hampir. Tak sampai 100 hari dah. Lepas balik daripada cuti raya ni pun dah nak trial. Macam mane nak menghadapi trial tuh nanti? --. Dah lah soalan SBP. Hopefully, takde lah soalan yang hampir membunuh Fami and sahabat2 Fami yang nak exam tuh. But for sure nye, mesti korang tengah struggle gilaaa kan? Fami? Haha. Baca buku sekejap, ngadap komputer lebihhh. ;)

Hohokeyy, kali ni aboh dah tak merungut bila Fami dah berjaye bawak balik sijil akademik. HEHE. Before nih aboh selalu je membebel. My clear file penuh dengan sijil hoki je. Hehs, Fami berjaya jugak bawak balik sijil akademik walopum cuma untuk mata pelajaran teras. InsyAllah nanti Fami bawak balik dua2 dan insyAllah akan bertaip Anugerah Platinum pulakk. Hehe. Tapii, kene strive gegilaa laa kalu nak bawak balik sijil macam tuuuh. Kan? Fami niii pulak orangnyaa kurang rajin. Bukan malas. Kurang rajin je.

Hmm, di sebalik semua ituuu, still ade something sad. Okayy, tarikhnyaa 07th July 2013. That day, birthday Ika Syairani. One of my best buddies. Okay, kitorang sorokkan dia punyer henfon. Itu sajaa. Tapi last2, henfon dia, henfon Fami and beberapa orang lagi dirampas Warden. Okay, D-I-R-A-M-P-A-S. Arghhh! Dahlah dua2 fon Fami. Beli ngan duit sendirii kot wehh.

Huhhu, enough here. Btw, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Maaf Zahir dan Batin. :*

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Nak Menulis ..

Hye peepers. Good Morning. Bonjour :)

Pagi nih, Fami nak menulis je. Fami taktahu nak tulis ape. Just nak tekan keyboard ni puas2 before gi sekolah. Ye, esok dah kena masuk asrama balik. (N) . Ergh, nanti ade kejohanan hoki peringkat MSSD pulak. Then MSSK. Kalo lah boleh pegii.

Takkk. Hmm, sebenarnya Fami tengah gundah gulana. Taktahu nak habaq kat sapa. So, nak mudah, Fami nak taip je kat sini. Kalu orang yang Fami nak tuju terbaca entry nih, best. Biar dia tahu. Fami sedih tauu. Sakit hati. Sakit hati? Eh, tak pun. Sedih je banyak. Sedih gegilaa X(

Ni lah jadik perempuan. Mudah gilerr kalah ngan emosi. Tapi setakat ni, untuk pagi ni Fami still berjaya tahan...kot. Haih, entahlah. Susah betol manusia nih sorang. Aku dah cakap yang aku sayang dia, terima je lah. Tak payah laa nak....ape eh?

Hmm, cerita dia mulaa macam nih sebenarnye. Kami kawan rapat, teramat rapat. Dulu, ade masalah sikit mesty share kat dia. Dan dia tuh, lelaki. Ulangan, dia LELAKI. Dan Fami perempuan. Time gaduh dengan pakwe pun selambe je gi story mory dengan dia. Sekarang nih? Huh, susah betol =(

Rindu dia yang lame. Rindu Fami yang lame. Yang tak mudah menangis, yang tak mudah mengalah. Yang sekarang? Huh, cepat gegila terasa hati. Cepat je air mate jatuh. Kena marah sikit, mesti terasa hati yang amat. Hadoih, susah nye bila dah membesar macam nih. Macam mane nak jadi tough macam dulu balik wehh? Letih laa nak hidup macam ni.

"Awak, saya amatamatamatamatamat terasa hati dengan awak sekarang nih."

Kalo lah lepas Fami cakap macam tuh, perasaan sedih nih hilang, takpe lah. Nih tak, mesti dia akan balas balik dengan something yang agak menyakitkan hati walopun ape yang dia cakap tuh, betul. Hailaaa. Susah sangat macam nih.

Tapi, dia memang suka bagi nasihat dengan care yang tak sepatutnye pun. Lepas dia cakap tuh, kena pikir dulu baru buleh terima apa maksud dia sebenarnya. Haaa, kan susah. Campur pulak kalo otak tengah serabut. Mesti rase nak marah orang jee. Memang otak tengah serabut pun sebenarnye.

By the way, esok birthday best friend Fami tuhh. Huhh, susahsusah. Dahlaa dia ade ramai peminat dekat sekolah. Am I jealous? Oh Nooooo! Tak jeles pung kayhh. Tapi, when something is mine, it is mine! Got that? So, sesape yang admire kat kawan baik Fami nih, mintak tolong, takpayah admire dia lah ekk. Mintak tolong kay?

Enough here meluah rase hati. Sampai bilabila pung takkan puas hati.

P/s : Best friend Fami --->


K dah. Kbyee.


Lots of love, Fami ;(

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Cross Country :D

Weeee XD

Assalamualaikum semuaa. Selamat Pagi jugakk!

Ape khabar korang sume? Ape cer sekarang nih?

#Blog dah berhabukk. Lame tak jenguk , tak singgah sini.

Sibuk campur malas nak menaip. Entah macam mane pagi ni tetibe ade mood nak menaip panjangpanjang :D

Well, err.
Fami dah lame tak menulis kat sini. So, otak pun dah hampir berkarat nak mulakan cerita macam mana. Ampunn yaa? Kalo takbest, jangan bace. Takreti nak bagi blog ni jadik manis. Ehehs. Lagi pun, "Saya Bukan Budak Suka Mengayat". Heh, tetibe je. Takde kaitan pun.

Hmm, actually kan, kan. Fami nak tulis pasal Cross Country nih. Sukaaaa XD Sebab, I LOVE RUNNING. Heeee.

Oke, key. Rase nye duluu Fami dah pernah post sikit pasal nih. Tapi, takpe. Let it go. Fami nak tulis jugak kali nih.

Mase rentas desa peringkat sekolah dulu, Fami just dapat nombor tigaa. Ulang, nombor tigaa jaa. Jatuh sikit daripada tahun lepas. Tahun lepas, nombor duaa. Perlukan ulangan ke? Takk kan? Jatuh. Tapi, still tak mematahkan semangat Fami untuk mewakili sekolah ke peringkat MSSD Machang.

And, Alhamdulillah tahun nih :) Jalan untuk rentas desa tuh mudah. Sebab straight sajaa. Yang last year, punye lah kena masuk ladang getah and so on. Tahun ni, best je lalu kat bawah jambatan. SMK Temangan jadik tuan rumah. So, kat peringkat nih, Fami mendapat tempat keenam. Last year, nombor duabelas. My bestie dapat tempat pertama. Congratulations for her success :)

Then, disebabkan mendapat nombor sepuluh terbaik mase MSSD, Fami dapat mewakili MSSD Machang ke peringkat MSSK. Wahh, gilaaa sukaaa XD Tapi, tapi. Sedih. Sebab taksempat training. Mase tuh baru balik daripada Kursus Kepemimpinan Ketua dan Penolong Ketua Rumah SBP or else lebih dikenali sebagai KESUMA. Balik KESUMA hari Rabu. Hari Khamis dan Jumaat cikgu takbagi training. Suruh rest sajaaa. Hari Sabtu dah bertanding. Sedihhh.

Tapii, takpe. Fami still dalam kelompok terbaik kot. Dapat nombor tigalima daripada seratus sepuluh peserta :D Kira okay laa tuh kan dengan tak training. Lagi pun, laluan rentas desa peringkat MSSK agak sukaar. Lari atas pasir, melalui Pantai Cahaya Bulan.

Hohohokey laa dulu kot setakat nih. Dah panjang lebar.

Japjap! Ade satu gambar.

Peringkat MSSD punye gambar.

Yang U18G baju biruuu.
Yang U15G baju kuningg.

Peringkat MSSK dengan baju lawaa sekali. (Y)

That's all for now. Bubye peepers~


Lots of love, Fami :D

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Ketinggalan. Homecoming~

Assalamualaikum. Hai? Ape Khabar korang pagi Jumaat ni?

Ohyee, HOMECOMING tertinggal :(
Sebabnye, entry sebelum nih, Fami forgot to mention this event! It is one most important event kot. Alahaiii, pelupa betull.~ (Manusia, manusia~!)

Entry yang sebelumnya : KLIK SINI

Cravius Leonidus & Zealous Army
(Curi gambar eh Syahmi Fawwaz~)

Okayh. Nii gambar yang paling besar. Bukan besar sebab saiz. Tapi besar sebab jiwa kami besar. Cehh, ayat tak makan saman. Oke, tak! Gambar ni besar sebab gambar ni, erm. Macam mane nak explain ye. Haih, tapi bagi Fami, gambar ni yang paling besar dan bagi makna yang mendalam.

Kami, ahli batch Zealous Army telah dibahagikan kepada 14 kumpulan (kalau tak silap). Dan Fami, berada di kumpulan nombor 7 :) Here some pictures :

Ni gambar hari last.
[From left : Raja, Nabila, Rafiq, Syahir, Shahrin, Faiz, Unknown, Shafiq, Fami.
Yang duduk, sume faci]

Ni pun gambar mase hari last. Dengan bendera kumpulan 7.
Our group name : B7
(Fami dan Raja pakai baju biru sebab baru balik dari Cross Country)

And, and. Luckily nye, Fami satu group with my very best friend! Nur Nabila Faqihah and Raja Nuraini :) Love 'em muchooo.

Enough here. Nak sambung buat keje addmath pulokk >.<


Wednesday, 13 February 2013

.___. TakTahu Nak Letak Tajuk Hape.

Assalamualaikum guys :)

It is quite too long that I haven't update my blog. So malas. Harap peeps sume pahamm. Lagipung, ni SPM year Fami. So I couldn't take so much time on surfing internet. Need to focus on studies (Tapi, tapi, tapi.. itukah yang Fami lakukann?) No one knows. HAHA.

It should be a very challenging year for me. Yeah, challenging. Memang challenging. Heh, Fami! Ape ni duk main challenging2 ni?! Oke, oke. Dah. Melalut je keje Fami neh. Angau kah? Mak aihh. Susah betol lah.  Oke, done Fami. Shut up!

Haisssh. Fami nak cite siket pasal event kat SMACH terchentaa. Dah taknak melalut dah. First, macam tahun2 sebelum nih, The Form One Orientation Week. Pelbagai ragam, karenah dapat dilihat. The most important thing is, bebudak ni HOMESICK. Tambah2 pulak, The Orientation Week berlangsung selama dua minggu. Memang kebosanan tahap melampauu kalau Fami jadik one of bebudaks tuhh. Two weeks kot. By the way, tahun nih, Fami tukaa nama untuk orientation week. Last year, tak tukaa. So, Fami tukaa name dengan kawan, Ika Syairani. Then, then name kitorang jadik macam ni, Farah Syairani Caruso binti Ismail Abidin Caruso and Ika Syamimi Caruso binti Ismail Abidin Caruso. Name Caruso diambil sempena nama David Caruso.

Seriuosly, orientation this year, takberapa seronok. Jujur, TAKSERONOK! Tambah2 pulak, malam kebudayaan menjadi petang kebudayaan. Memang berasap kot duduk dalam dewan time petang2. Haih. Redho je lahh.

Next event is, CROSS COUNTRY :3
Sukaaaaa dengan event nim. Sebab nye, sebab nye, Fami suka lariii :) Tapi, tapi. Fami takdapat nombor satu pung. Just di tempat ketigaa. Alhamdulillah. Lagi satu, I really love this event because.....MY HOUSE JOHAN KESELURUHAN :) Tambah2 pulak, Fami Penolong Ketua Rumah untuk rumah Fami. Memang bangga dengan anak2 buah. Thanks korang! Ketua Rumah Fami, Amran? Dia tak dapat nombor pung kott. Tapii, boleh nampak lah hidung kembang dua inci. HAHA. (Mere, jange maroh (:) Plus, then buley represent school untuk cross country. And, and Fami dapat tempat keenam. Bahagia lulz! And once again, SMACH dapat Johan Keseluruhan. Thanks Mr Saimizi sebab percayakan kitorang. <3 cikguu!

For this event, hmm. My house just mendapat tempat keempat. Meaning to say, tempat last. Tapi, tapi, Gagal sekali bukan bermakna gagal selamanye. Kan, kan? So, No hal laah Murad Noor members. Jom, jom usaha lagi untuk menaikkan nama rumah. Tapi, make sure kita bersaing secara sihat laa. Takmo laa sabotaj.

Lagi, event yang best. Hmm, BR1M kot. Yang tuu, sume orang best. Dapat duit kot. Haha.

Ape lagi eyy? Ouh, yee. Last day at school before CNY hols, Runding Cara Akademik bagi pelajar tingkatan 5 dan 3. Mase ni lah, cg2 nak report perangai pelajar dalam kelas. And, Alhamdulillah. Sume yang Fami dapat, komen positif :)

Enough here I guess. Dah panjang yang teramat sangat kot. Kbyee.

Hope Fami ade idea untuk entry yang seterusnyaa.